Best Toilet Seats

best toilet seatCan you write down a list of the best toilet seats? It is a hard task to perform. Based on individual requirement, best comes out from many angles. Here we have tried to review some of them.

Best Toilet Seats Reviewed

Best Toilet SeatsTake a look at all the 14 best toilet seats listed below. We shall talk details about all of them one by one.
1.Mayfair 48SLOWA
2.KOHLER K-4647-0
3.Bemis 500EC000
4.Mayfair 83SLOWA
5.KOHLER K-4695-0
6.Toto SS114 01
7.KOHLER K-4636-0
8.Bemis 800EC000
9.AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat
10.KOHLER K-4774-0
11. Bath Royale
12. Bemis 148SLOWA
13. Bemis 78
14. Kohler K-4648

1.Mayfair 48SLOWA

You like silence and you like to keep your toilet seat clean very frequently than Mayfair 48SLOWA 000/848SLOWA 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat has all the perfect features for you. It has ended up with very nice glossy finishing. Durable molded wood is used as a material for manufacturing. It has both elongated and round shape available. It is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA. Though it is manufactured in the USA, round toilet bowls from Canada are also fitted with this toilet seat which is an additional feature.


  • Very easy to install
  • Easy opening and changing of hinges for cleaning
  • A gentle push is enough to shut down both lid and toilet seat together.
  • Slow and quiet, a gentle closing sound is comparable to whispering.
  • Building material and finishing ensures resistance of chipping and scratching


  • The seat has an easy cleaning feature but after a certain time (like after one year) of frequent opening for cleaning, screws holding the lid on to its hinge may pull out a little.

Mayfair 48SLOWA 000/848SLOWA 000 is very popular for its easy installation, cleaning, and friendly pricing. Slow and whispering closing feature accompanied by proper finishing has added a different dimension to this toilet seat.
Considering all the features at a reasonable price. it is our number one pick as the best choice.

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2.KOHLER K-4647-0

Huge traffic in any toilet needs to have a heavy-duty toilet seat, KOHLER K-4647-0 is a wise choice if you are looking for something under $40.

It is elongated in size Molded wood is used as building material. Building materials provide a solid infrastructure feeling. The seat and lid are built strong. It can bear heavy weight on it. It weighs around 6.9 pounds, which ensures it is very sturdy.

It has three different colours with nice finishing. The user will experience comfortable seating with its ergonomic design. The seat has a strong attachment with polypropylene hinges.


  • It has universal compatible designed dimension to fit with one and two-piece toilets
  • Standard colour matched polypropylene hinge with plastic bolt and nut.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Available in multiple colours to match the required decoration.
  • Easy installation instruction available. No need to add extra hand for installation.


  • The lid is not made of wood.
  • It does not have slow close feature though it is sturdier compared to many slow close seats.
  • Proposition 65 warning for California residents


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We consider this as number second in our list.

3.Bemis 500EC000

If you are used to a frequent cleaning of your toilet seat or if your toilet seat needs frequent cleaning for frequent uses you will definitely like to make your task easy for cleaning. You will look at options in the toilet seat that is easy for opening and cleaning for sure. Well, Bemis 500EC000 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat may be the right choice for you. It has the most comfortable installation and opening feature available.

It is manufactured in the USA. Production material contains durable moulded wood. It is standard round fronted and fits any round toilet. It has ended up high-glossed finishing as well. It gives more expensive looks and feeling that it actually prices.


  • Easy installation
  • Easily removable for cleaning.
  • Chipping and scratching resistant
  • Complete satisfaction with price


  • There is no instruction manual to install with the package, therefore it seems hard for somebody to install.
  • Need to be careful in using cleaning materials.


Due to easy opening feature cleaning is comfortable which is a plus point. Wood Made Bemis 500EC000 gives a nice looking for its design and therefore it adds an extra decorative look in any home and business places’ toilets.

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4.Mayfair 83SLOWA

Mayfair 83SLOWA has some built-in exceptional features compared to other toilet seats. To name one of them is the built-in child potty seat along with the regular one.

It is magnetically attached with a lid with easy remove and cleaning feature. An additional featured seat can be easily removed temporary or permanent basis. You don’t need to be an expert to add or remove the child potty seat attached to it.

As a building material, heavy-duty moulded wood and plastic is used. It has a good finishing quality. Durable building material prevents chipping and scratching. It weighs around 6.2 pounds and therefore it is not flimsy. This is a round shaped toilet seat with great compatibility features. It is compatible with all manufacturers’ round shaped bowls around the US and Canada.


  • It has a slow close feature. Lid and toilet seat both have whisper closing feature which prevents sudden slamming sound.
  • STA-TITE seat fastening technology ensures a strong grip to its build.


  • Child potty seat does not have slow close feature, though it is magnetically attached to the slow close lid.


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5. KOHLER K-4695-0

For some particular customers, consistency carries a lot of weight. For that reason, they intend to buy a wooden toilet seat. In addition, sometimes customers are not sure about the right picks between one and two-piece bowls.

For them, KOHLER K-4695-0 is the right pick.

KOHLER K-4695-0 comes in two shapes. It is available in Round closed front shapes. The manufacturer has put special attention to its decoration. As a result, colour matching plastic hinges are noticed in its hardware settings.
Compression moulded wood is used as building material. Specialized building material provides a different look. The manufacturer has provided options to fit both in one and two-piece bowls. Therefore, the building specifications meet the needs of the customer. It gives both durability and sitting comfort to any traditional toilet.


  • Easy installation with a single hand
  • Perfectly fits
  • Comfortable seating at a reasonable price
  • Solid wood made toilet seat.
  • Multiple colour options to suit colour combination


  • Off-Centered.
  • Few users have complained that it gets stains easily as time passes.
  • Needs careful washing with proper cleaning agents.
  • Kohler has a special instruction set for their product cleaning and washing purpose. KOHLER K-4695-0 Ridgewood is a long-lasting product with instructed caring.


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Let’s move to our next review.

6.Toto SS114 01

It is rare to find someone who has not experienced toilet seat slamming noise. Nobody keeps in his or her bucket list but once in a lifetime, it is very much likely to occur. Toto has specially designed SS114 01 to get rid of this issue once and for all. This unique feature has placed this model in the front row.

The soft close feature takes care of a sudden injury. It has added an extra layer of security with molded bumpers. Therefore, it annoying toilet seat slam is eliminated completely.

To ensure comfort to the users, ergonomic design is introduced. High gloss polypropylene along with solid high-impact is used. Chemical and cleaning agent resistant feature enabled.

Manufacturer provides one-year limited warranty for this soft close toilet seat. Buyer is given well payback comfort to their spending.


  • Durable polypropylene plastic made
  • Specially designed to prevent injuries
  • Toilet seat slum is resisted through soft close feature
  • Hinges are accompanied by non-corrosive nylon stud and nuts which ensures durable attachment to the toilet.


There are some negative feedbacks regarding the mounting problem which causes the seat to move around. However, this is very rare in occurrence.

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7.KOHLER K-4636-0

Looking for a combination of technology and design decoration? You should look for Kohler K-4636-0.

The first thing you will notice, it has multiple color options. So you will definitely find the perfect color match as you required. Even the plastic hinges will match the color. It is elongated in shape. It has the compatibility to fit with all one and two-piece toilets. Presence of Kohler’s Q3 advantage ensures diverse fitting with a wide variety of designs.

Carefully designed rubber bumpers of Kohler K-4636-0 has given a different dimension. It keeps the seat firmly attached and prevents annoying shifting. Specially designed rubber bumpers also ensure secure quiet-closing. You don’t have to experience unwanted slamming noise during midnight use. Cachet Quiet-Close technology ensures slow closing with the lightest touch and reduced noise.

Solid polypropylene building materials ensure stainless and fade-resisting status for durable use. Its ergonomic design ensures healthy seating. In addition, it ensures hygienic cleaning by making the least contact with attached seat and lid.


  • Compatible with one or two-piece toilets
  • Several type of colour finishing to meet the perfect colour combination on a toilet
  • Easy installation and easy removal options for cleaning purpose
  • Hygiene and safety ensured
  • It has clear installation instruction with the delivery package
  • Specially designed rubber bumpers to ensure noise reductions


  • For two-piece toilet of this model, is a little bit different to get the area cleaned near the tank and bowl.

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8.Bemis 800EC000

Everyone needs a change in taste. Bemis 800EC000 is something that will add flavors to your changes of taste. Whether you have tasted molded wood or plastic made toilet seat, you will definitely enjoy your change of taste with this one like many others.

It is a solid plastic made round seat. It is manufactured in Sheboygan Falls, USA. It has a heavy-duty capability. Featured molded-in bumpers are capable of holding heavy weight butts.

Plastic made hinges made it easy for opening cleaning purpose. It provides relief from reaching to underneath to unscrew bolts that remain beneath part of a toilet.

It is a sturdy one with a fair price.


  • Includes all parts with the package. No need to buy additionally
  • Included bolts and wing-nuts are non-corrosive ensures durable tightening
  • Easy removal features for cleaning
  • Plastic made twisted hinges for unlocking
  • Four molded-in bumpers


  • There are some critical reviews regarding surface cleaning. However, there are instructions given to use proper materials for cleaning purpose.

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9. AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat, White, 4 Inches

Patients with specific Orthopedic issues need a special setup for a toilet seat. They need to have special attention as well regarding portability and lightweight feature available whenever travel is required. AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat is manufactured considering the above-mentioned requirements.

It is plastic made polyethylene construction and lightweight built. It is seamless in one and off functions.

This is plastic made and polyethylene constructed. There are lips attached at the bottom which prevents it to slide off from the bowl and strong attachment. It has flexible mobility during traveling around.

It elevates toilet 4’’ inches higher compared to regular ones. This feature provides great help to the people who have had experienced surgery, knee or back pain and of course to the elderly parents. Increased height compared to traditional toilet seats provides them extra comfort in sitting. It prevents the user to get off or on and bend less. Therefore, it causes less effort to people with medical issues or weak muscle and ensures comfort.

It is an exceptional choice with a fair price.


Easy removal for cleaning.
Designed to fit with standard commode bowls
Capable of carrying around 400 lb (181 kg)


It works great mainly with round bowls instead of elongated commodes.

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10.KOHLER K-4774-0

You are looking for a bunch of requirements to meet then KOHLER K-4774-0 toilet seat is a good option to look at. If you are in a rented apartment and you need to change your toilet seat at a fair price. In addition, there are kids at your home and therefore you are concerned about keeping the toilet seat okay for them.

You prefer a lightweight toilet seat with a comfortable, easy fit and quick install features as well. Above mentioned requirements can be met in KOHLER K-4774-0 toilet seat. It is available both in round front and elongated sizes. This design includes two types of toilet seats named as Q2 and Q3. Solid polypropylene plastic is used as a manufacturing material.

Q2 has features like quick attach hardware and quick release hinges. Quick attach hardware is the feature that allows the toilet seat hardware to install like in no time. Quick release hinges allow the toilet seat to easily remove for cleaning. After opening the caps from the hinge bolts, a gentle push easily separates the toilet seat for cleaning.

Q3 type toilet seat includes both features of Q2 and in addition, it has also the quite close features which stops the annoying slamming sound during closing.


Light Weight
Multiple color options
Easier to clean and sanitize
Attached rubber bumper added extra security.
Fasteners don’t have a gap in between which prevents stuff from falling into.


Mounting hardware is not adequate.
Plastic made hinges which gets the toilet seat to shift from its place.
In a nutshell, it can be said, despite some avoidable issues, KOHLER K-4774-0 toilet seat is a good choice. It has so many features to consider that it will always be ranked among the tops.

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11. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover, White – Soft Close

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat fits with all renowned brands like Kohler, American Standard, Toto, Crane, Eljer, Gerber. You need to be aware of the toilet seat shape whether it is elongated or round shape. Otherwise, you will be delivered the wrong size which may not fit your bowl.

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat boosts the beauty of your toilet. It not only brings change to decors but also brings changes in user experience.

High-quality polypropylene material is used in Bath Royale seat. It ensures durability and comfort.  There is less chance of toilet seat burn issue due to cleaning issues. As you know, if the toilet seat does not resist the cleaning agents properly it may cause burn on bump due to chemical contact. Bath royal seat is chemical and stain-resistant.  The seat does not get fade overtimes. Padded bumpers attached with the seat ensures heavy weight distribution properly. Therefore, the seat does not get bend or break due to heavyweight pressure.

It has an easy push button to release the toilet seat easily and immediately for cleaning purpose. You can easily reach to the areas where it gets hard to reach for cleaning. Use the button and clean the areas that cause bad smells. You will be able to keep your bathroom odor-free with zero effort.

You just need to give a gentle push to close the lid and seat. The soft close feature takes care the rest. No chance of loud closing sound or penile injury for a newly trained child.

Read the cons and pros. You will surely go for purchase.


  • Step by step assembling features has made the installation easy as well as understanding function.
  • Installation instruction is written well with proper pictures
  • Color matched and fits with all most of the manufacturers’ toilet.
  • Single button feature to disassemble for cleaning
  • Durable and comfortable.


  • Seat raiser does not fit with it.
  • There are some reports about this toilet seat to wobble though the number is very low.
  • According to some users, it doesn’t work well with toddler potty seats.

Though the price is a little bit high compared to the rest of the toilet seats I would have preferred it to have if I was looking for comfort. As I have got both children and old parents at the same time, therefore soft close is very much needed for me as it is not necessary to bend down to close it and no risk of sudden slam on hand. 

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12. Bemis 148SLOWA 346 Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat

A toilet seat is not something that you need to use only but also it is something that needs for home decoration purpose. Bemis 148SLOWA 346 Mayfair Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat has a shiny surface. It provides a decorative look to your toilet. Colour matched bumper and hinges gives a perfect look in total set up.

It is made of moulded wood which is an environment-friendly element. It is elongated in size. Fits properly with almost all toilets.

Now Check the pros and cons of the toilet seat.


  • It is compatible with any elongate toilet manufactured in US and Canad
  • You can easily remove and clean it.
  • Slow closing toilet seat and lid prevents sudden slamming down and finger pinches.
  • Moulded wood material and flawless finishing prevent scratching in long-term use.


  • Hinges are made of plastic and supported by plastic clips. Some of the customers have complained that due to slow lowering features it puts pressure on hinges and supporting clips which may get loose with a short period.
  • Tightening bolts are also made of plastic. Some users have experienced that the bolts got loose soon after their purchase.
  • The installation process is a little bit hard for some users.
  • It is an affordable toilet seat. I recommend it if you are not planning to change your toilet seat within two years. You can also add extra look by changing the hinges if you like, but it is better to keep the color matched hinges come with the package.


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13. Bemis elongated 7800TDG000

If you have family members over 5’10” and weight 220 or above, you may worry a little about your toilet seat in your home. Bemis elongated 7800TDG000 plastic toilet seat is something that will get rid of tension. Lets read about it.

Bemis elongated 7800TDG000 is one of those toilet seats that has feature ensuring long-lasting seat mounting system.  STA-TITE technology is used to prevent seat loosens. Special made plastic material is used to make this toilet seat. As a result, it does not get break down due to heavyweight push.

Bemis has maintained the industrial standard. The manufacturer has made it standard to fit with every possible toilet manufactured in the US and Canada market. It’s a consumer responsibility to know measurement properly to order the correct product.

Read the pros and cons below.


  • Strong and steady, stays on place even with heavyweight users. It does not get loose over time.
  • Easy to clean and install.
  • Solid nuts and strong hinges have given it strong support.
  • Do not get stained easily.


  • Some users have reported the surface edges are not smooth.
  • No slow close feature, the user may experience sudden slam for being heavy.


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14. Kohler K-4648

Let’s talk about Kohler K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded wood toilet seat. If your priority is the comfort and you want it at an affordable price K-4648-0 is a very good option to consider.

What you will first notice of this toilet seat is the plastic hinges in the same color of a toilet seat. Molded wood is used as a material. When you use this toilet seat you will be able to differentiate the sturdy feelings between this toilet seat and cheap plastic toilet seat. Besides this toilet seat has a very stunning external finishing.

This is a durable toilet seat. The manufacturer has tried to provide a comfortable seat feeling in design. It is a great choice for color matching combination to many toilets.

This toilet seat is a round-closed front seat. Both one and two-piece bowls will fit with it.


  • Price is very affordable
  • Heavy and sturdy which prevents sudden break down due to heavyweight users
  • Wooden base ensures comfortable seating on a cold morning.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Regular hinge model ensures to keep the toilet seat in a steady position.


  • Some users have reviewed that it gets stained and therefore it is hard to keep clean. Though Kohler suggests  “mild soap, like dish soap” to clean this toilet seat.
  • Before ordering it needs to be careful about the bowl size of the current one. There are some reviews regarding this model does not fit well with all toilet bowls.

It does not have a slow close feature. If you are looking for a toilet seat for heavy use under $20, I shall recommend you to go for this. You have experienced frequent toilet seat changes and now wish to go for a very economical solution, you should go for KOHLER K-4648-0 Toilet seat.

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Best Buying Guide for Toilet Seats

Buying guide for the toilet seat, seriously? Yes, admit it or not buying a toilet seat is not easy. You will get confused for sure. There are certain things you need to consider. You will be able to your fix you research area easily.Let’s get started and spend some time in reading. Hopefully, in upcoming time you will not need to replace the toilet seat for a satisfactory period.

Considerable Facts:

As you have learned there are many toilet seats on the market, so you should narrow down your search among them based on some facts. Let’s jump into it one by one.

Reasons for buying a new one:

You change your toilet seat for a reason. Based on your case, you will decide to rest other mandatories. Basically, toilet seats are changed for the following reasons:

1. You are changing your residence and your relocated house toilet needs to have a perfect decoration with a changed toilet seats
2. Your existing toilet seat has reached to its life expectancy
3. You need to adopt a cost-effective plan to check heavy traffic instead of rebuilding your toilet

Why do you need reasons to consider? Go back to the reviews of the product mentioned in the earlier section. You will see every toilet seat has something special based on some reasons compared to each other.If it matches with you, then ola. Your search is one step closer to your desired purchase. Besides, you shall get user experience info about your selected product.

Required Shape:

Next fact that you need to consider is the existing toilet seat shape. There are two types of toilet seats.

1. The round shape is 16.5 inch
2. Oblong or elongated is 18.5 inch

If your existing one is the round shape you will definitely need to select a new one among the round shape unless until you are replacing the total set up. How to take the measurement for a toilet seat? The first step is to find the bolts of toilet seat which attaches the bowl. Then you have to measure the distance between them. In the US market, the distance measurement of seat bolts is generally 5.5 inches. After that, Need to find the widest point of the bowl. Use the measuring tape from the outside part to ensure an exact figure. Now measure bowl width. Finally, measure the length of a bowl. Take the measurement from outside edge from front side of the bowl to the middle of seat bolts. The measurement will give around 16.5 inches in case of a round shaped bowl. It will be around 18 to 18.5 inches in case it is an elongated or oblong type.


Now that you know the measurement of a toilet seat let’s read something about the material used in toilet seats. Mainly two types of materials are used. They are:

1. Plastic coated composite wood or high-impact plastic
2. Wood Build Toilet Seats

Plastic Toilet Seats

The technology behind the plastic toilet seat used is injection molding. A different form of thermoplastic which is commonly named as polystyrene is used. In this process, plastic is melted and injected into a molding machine. Then under extreme pressure and temperature, it runs through a bunch of processes to provide the melting plastic into a toilet seat shape. Plastic toilet seats generally have easy cleaning features. The shape remains very smooth as well. However, there is a certain drawback as well. Lids made of plastic experience frequent minor scratch during cleaning. As a result, it did not last long in some cases. If you look for cost-effective plans, you will definitely go for the plastic build.

Wood Build Toilet Seats

A wooden toilet seat is made from a mold consisting of a mixture of wood powder and melamine mixture under extreme temperature. The mold is then processed to a toilet seat through several processes like plastic toilet seats. A wooden toilet seat is long lasting compared to plastic toilet seats. As it is thicker in shape, it provides extra comfort in sitting. However, the price is relatively high.


Hinge works like a pillar for a toilet seat. It holds on the seat with bowl whenever it bends. Quality hinges can hold the weight of the seats properly whenever it bends from its normal states. Besides, hinges need to well designed for a slow closing feature. Lid attached to the seat causes slamming sound for not having slow closing features. Frequent slamming down damages lid. To control unexpected damage better hinges are necessary for a toilet seat. Quality hinge ensures less contact during flexing of toilet seats and increases the durability of the product.

Benefits of buying good toilet Seat:

The first word that comes to mind about toilet seat benefit is comfort. This is also the main benefit. No matter how much time you spend over there you will definitely seek comfort. Besides, there are different types of toilet seats which includes special features. If you want to keep your toilet warm during cold, you can use heat toilet seat. If you have a padded toilet seat it will add cushy seating comfort. Besides, a good raised toilet seat provides security sitting for elderly people or who have gone through recent surgery. If there is the toddler at your home, you need to provide toilet training. Padded toilet helps a lot with comfort.
Besides if you have good soft close featured toilet it reduces the risk of damage of ceramic. If little kids roam around in home, safety factor always hits in mind.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

#What are the common problems in bad toilet seats?

Based on our discussion, we can say, bad toilet seats do not fit perfectly in bowls. It moves around whenever you sit on them. Besides, it is not sturdy in build quality. It will break down in a short period of use. The most important part, it is less comfortable in seating.

#What should check during buying a toilet seat in a market?

you can make a checklist at your home before going to market. Your checklist can include the following points:
a. An existing shape of toilet seat: round or elongated
b. Preferred building material: Wooden or plastic
c. User type:[ Special use (for elder/decoration) or common heavy-duty used
. Extra Feature preference
e. Budget

Make a list of your answers and hit the perfect one for your need!


Maybe it was a challenge for you at the beginning to select among many in the market. Now you know the versatility of it. You know about the shape, materials, styles, and patterns. You also have come to know about different manufacturers and their specialty. In your article, we have also discussed the pros and cons of different models available in the market. Now you can draw an outline about your need, budget, and specifications. The toilet seat is an essential part. It is expected to be durable for a long upcoming time. You will definitely expect your investment to be spent on a trusted product. We have tried to make our guide a combination of the best products for your need. Also reviewed a bunch of products. This article includes a combination of all types. We hope it will help you with vivid description.

We hope that you have picked some necessary information before going to store. It’s the conclusion of our article about the best toilet seats. We wish you to have a satisfactory purchase. Good luck!




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