How to Get Rid of Bathroom Mould

As you all know mould can start out as a small spot but it becomes bigger every day with stink. After that, the sight looks more disgusting and you can’t handle it. In some cases, it becomes a health hazard. Most people buy expensive materials to avoid this problem but fortunately, you can clean it... Read More »

Two Toilet Seat Etiquettes You Should Try to Master

What did you just heard? Yes, toilet seat etiquette. Want to know what are they? Let us find out. Etiquette 1: Boys, Aim Properly Dude, you are halfway to release your bladder pressure. Please take a little more patience. Lift the toilet seat up. Because your aim is not good enough to hit the bull’s... Read More »

Toilet Seat Injuries: Be Aware Before Occuring

Yes, you have read right. Toilet seat injuries. We often forget some basic facts which are discussed less. Knowing about a good toilet seat is important. Know about toilet seat injuries is not a negligible fact especially if you have toddlers at your home. We are going to discuss possible toilet let injuries. You shall... Read More »

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