Toilet Seat Tightening Kit

A few days ago, I was struggling to get our guest room toilet seat fixed. It suddenly got loose (have no idea how did it happen to a one-week-old toilet seat). I could not find our regular contractor to fix it. My paternal uncle who had recently arrived from abroad just handed me this Toilet... Read More »

Compac Safe-T-Bumpers Toilet Seat Stabilizers

Wondering why toilet seat needs bumpers like a car? Well, you will definitely like to read the rest of the article regarding Compac Safe-T-Bumpers. We have discussed how the toilet seat stopper can save your money and iBumpersyour safety. Safety is the first thing you will care about for your dear ones. When it comes... Read More »

Best Toilet Seat Covers

Do you know even the best toilet seat covers do not assure the protection against germ? Well, that is right. Specialists from the preventive disease control department have provided assurance regarding this. Still, you may willing to buy the best toilet seat cover. The reason behind is that even I feel it comfortable and more... Read More »

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