Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment :Adding Value to Lifestyle

Luxe-Bidet-Neo-320-Mechanical-Bidet-Toilet-AttachmentDo you want to have the luxury in a toilet seat? How will you feel to have a hot water facility in your toilet seat on a cold winter morning? Are you planning to have hygiene and self-cleaning toilet system for your parents? Well, thanks for coming to our blog. We are going to have a product review today about Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment. Let’s go for it.

First Look: Luxe Neo 320 Bidet

It is no wonder at first you will first notice to the finishing of this toilet seat attachment, It comes in both white and blue color. The bidet toilet attachment is nicely designed which will give an enhanced decorative look to your existing toilet seat. Manufactured has given special attention to extending the durability of water pressure and temperature controlling lever. The lever is chrome plated which will ensure a longer life cycle and in addition, it adds a luxurious look too.

High-Quality Components:

What makes a product long lasting? You will answer component for sure. Manufactures of this bidet have concentrated on the components come with this package so that the customer gets the best from the paid price. This is an everyday use product with frequent use and multiple users in a day. Therefore the component has to be good enough to bear the service load. Luxe Bidet Neo 320 comes with metal t-adapter and braided steel cold water hose instead of a plastic hose. To keep a hold on high-pressure, high-quality ceramic core faucet is provided. Hot water carrying hose is made of polyurethane to ensure good thermostatic function. It comes with a standard size which can be resized according to need based on your rest room’s size.

Dual Nozzle Featured:

Maybe your eyes are looking for something special in this bidet. Here it is. Neo 320 has a dual nozzle. This dual nozzle ensures hygienic wash at rear and front. Water sprays gently for a front wash. It provides benefits to during and early after pregnancy to women. It may be also helpful for women during monthly menstruation. You will get speed water spray in the rear and it can be controlled with the knobs. Neo 320 is a smart toilet seat bidet who takes care of hygiene by itself. Nozzles are self-cleaning featured. It is guarded through a plastic layer whenever it is not in use.

Convenient Control Panel

You are the king of your wish with Neo 320 bidet water and temperature control knobs. You can adjust temperature and water cleaning speed as you wish.

Warranty Service

Manufacturer provides 18 months warranty service and it can be extended upon registration through online as well.


  • Reasonable priced
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • Warranty support for a long time
  • Easy water flow control
  • The self-cleaning feature ensures protection from germs especially in a house with the kid


  • It does not fit with all types of a toilet seat.
  • Both of the knobs are made of plastic but it is very sturdy
  • You need to be extra careful during tightening the nuts of hot and cold water pipe to avoid breaking it.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it necessary to drill to make extra holes to fit this bidet?

Ans: No, it is not needed. Bidet fits fine with existing holes.

2. Do I have to purchase any additional component to install this bidet?

Ans: You don’t have to purchase anything more to install this bidet if you follow proper installation manual comes with the package.

3. It says 10ft-long hot water connection hose is provided with the package, but my hot water source distance will not cover this length. How to solve this issue?

Ans: The sellers have 16 and 32 ft hoses in their inventory, it can be collected through contacting with Bidet official website.

All I can think of having a long term hygienic service and fresh feeling of cleanliness using Neo 320 self-cleaning dual nozzle bidet. It may be a luxury compare to price, but the utility you receive is much worth for the price you pay for it.

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