Two Toilet Seat Etiquettes You Should Try to Master

Toilet Seat EtiquetteWhat did you just heard? Yes, toilet seat etiquette. Want to know what are they? Let us find out.

Etiquette 1: Boys, Aim Properly

Dude, you are halfway to release your bladder pressure. Please take a little more patience. Lift the toilet seat up. Because your aim is not good enough to hit the bull’s eye.

Yes, that right. If you wish to aim your urine gun to hit perfectly in toilet seat then be sure that you can do it. Otherwise, lift the toilet seat up to practice it up. The best practice is to have a seat and release your pressure.

Why does this matter?

A toilet seat is something that everybody wants to be in its best condition. We mean dry and clean when we expect the toilet seat in the best condition. It is not unusual the pee aiming will be successful in every attempt. Especially in case of public toilets which are not in a comfortable height for gent kids. In such case aiming to pee is not a good idea for kids especially.

That’s not all.

You need to stand to aim properly for peeing. Standing is not a good option for peering especially for men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). It can cause painful and incomplete urination accompanied by a frequent feeling of urination.

The last word as a recommendation, if you have to pee better take a seat instead of target practicing. It is a healthier and hygienic practice.

Etiquette 2: “Keep Toilet Seat Down Convention”

You have practiced a lot of peeing keeping the toilet seat up. Now the next etiquette is to keep the toilet seat down.

When you enter the toilet you expect definitely to have the toilet seat to be in a civilized state. How will you feel if you find the toilet seat is kept up and some yellow pieces of…(you know what I won’t say) is hovering around the bowl? Surely you will be depressed. Especially if you have kids with you, it is really an embarrassing condition for them too.

If you have a close relationship with any couple, you can ask the men do they have to suffer for keeping the toilet seat up? Well, they answer honestly or not sometimes it gets hard to hold peace in the family. (Trust me, I have experienced)

Why am I telling you this? This is because “Keep the toilet seat down” for the next users. This is the second etiquette we are going to talk about.

According to an ongoing convention, if you are male, you are the one who is responsible to keep the toilet seat down at your house. So, you need to teach your gent kids as well, to put the toilet seat down after use. Some men may wonder why men should take extra steps?

Here is the deal.

Women generally have to remove more clothing compared to men. Therefore by keeping the toilet seat or the lid down helps to save extra seconds during the time of emergency.

It ensures better sanitary practices. Flush the toilet Keeping the toilet seat and the lid down. It prevents germs to spread in the air.

You may have to up the toilet seat for a pee and put the seat down for pooping. So you are in a possible risk to come in contact with the germs one time. After pooping, the toilet seat needs to be kept down. If you take extra seconds to put the toilet seat down after peeing, it saves from coming in contact with germs to the next users. As you already have put your hand, spend some extra time to save others.

Besides, no matter how well you try to decorate your toilet it is a gross place. When the toilet seat and lid are down, it gives eye comfort by hiding the split materials which uncomfortable to us.

Nevertheless, nobody imagines having an up toilet seat late at night. Therefore it is quite natural to have a sudden fall inside the toilet bowl in sleepy eyes at midnight. Women, children and sometimes the men also might fall down. When you are tired you will definitely sit down and trust me, you will not be in a mode to target practice.

How this etiquette actually drives benefits in lifestyle? This is a common manner. You may act selfishly in this case. Making things easy by this small etiquette using some seconds of your life will make you start a day better than others. This extra step of caring adds respect to men’s attitude. It is considered politeness. Even in the case of public toilet seat use, if the next user finds the toilet seat dry and down he or she will be respectful of previous users.

Lastly, keeping the toilet seat down not makes your attitude less manly. It does not kill valuable time. It makes things easy for someone else. So let’s start practicing downing the toilet seat from today. “Ladies First” partitioning activity is not encouraged anymore in the present world. Make things easy for women and others, peace will be there both at home and outside.


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