Toilet Seat Injuries: Be Aware Before Occuring

Toilet Seat InjuiresYes, you have read right. Toilet seat injuries. We often forget some basic facts which are discussed less. Knowing about a good toilet seat is important. Know about toilet seat injuries is not a negligible fact especially if you have toddlers at your home.

We are going to discuss possible toilet let injuries. You shall also learn how you can keep away from them.

We have provided an infographic which may help you to get a view. Hope it will help you to get a clear visual and stay safe.

We shall discuss the most toilet seat injuries those occurs frequently.

Common Toilet Seat Injuries and Preventions:

The most common toilet seat injuries are of two types:

a. Penile Injury
b. Chemical burn or itch

In the next sections, we shall discuss details about the reasons and preventions of these injuries. You will find it interesting. Als,o it will help you to stay alert.

Penile Injuries from Toilet Seat

Penile Injuries naturally occurs most among gent toddlers. This happens basically during the time of early toilet training period. Besides, during the time of any pleasant visit like Christmas Day or any holiday visit reported events have been witnessed. As during the holidays, child visit new places and they don’t get the usual toilet seat as they do in their home.

Basically, there are two reasons responsible. One is sudden falling down from toilet seat and sudden crush of a toilet seat. There are the evidential reports which show that whenver the toddlers tries to excercise their toilet training skill and lifted the toilet seat which suddenly crushed down and caused the injuries.

As preventive measures following steps can be taken:

1. Use softclose and elongnated toilet seat
2. Avoid use heavy weight toilet seat
3. Parents with boy kids should be extra careful in keeping the toilet seat up after use if it is not conventional. Also, parents should teach the child to hold on the seat one hand while uranting.
4. Even if it is not necessary to provide company to male toddlers during early periods after toilet training so that it gets easier for him to use the training effectively.
5. Fix loose toilet seat if there is any in a home.

Burns and itch from Toilet Seat

Naturally, toilet seats need to be cleaned very frequently. Various cleaning agents are used for comode cleaning. Toilet seats also gets dirty over time. It needs to be cleaned as well. Therefore it needs proper cleaning material.

During using the comode, sensitive part of our bump skin comes in contact with a toilet seat. I proper cleaning agents are not used on toilet seat it will definitely cause the burn. As most cleaning agents are made of the chemeical compound there are possible elements that can do harm to your butt skin. It can cause burning sensation or produce rash at the back.

Preventive Measurements:

1. Dilute the cleaning material for toilet cleaning properly
2. Use publicly used toilet seat with proper care. You can use toilet paper or flshable toilet seat cover to avoid contact with a toilet seat.


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